2015: New Year, New Amanda C. Blake Photography

2014 was a fantastic year for me and my business.

I was so very fortunate to get to participate in a wonderful workshop right after Thanksgiving. I got to meet some wonderful colleagues and build even stronger relationships with photographers I already knew. The Beauty and The Brains workshop put on by Rachel May and Tyler Corvin taught me so much about starting my own business, marketing, and branding. I highly recommend it to any photographer in the area looking to boost their business! Here is a link to the site, keep an eye for it. I’m sure they will hold another soon!

2015 has been fantastic to me so far. I have booked a few weddings for the year! One is even in NC. I am especially looking forward to that one, as the Outer Banks have always been a special place for me.

I have also undertaken a little re-branding, as you see from my new logo and watermarks!

Business Card 2

To help myself continue making this my best year yet, I am making a list of goals for myself and my business:

1. Always have a project.

I hope to always be working on something that not only benefits my business, but makes me happy. IMG_0125

2. Build strong vendor relationships.

Number 1 and 2 go hand in hand here. I hope for my projects to include reaching out to other local vendors to build our own businesses and give each other a hand! The wedding business is crazy and it’s good to have friends!

3. Give back.

I hope to do a few projects this year that not only give back, but create new opportunities. My charity work will not just include my photography work, but some of my other interests as well!

I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. So now I ask you, what are your goals for the year? How are you going to make this your best year yet?!

Much love,



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