A spontaneous session.

Yesterday morning was my last day of pet sitting (phew, I’m tired. And I still have to move this weekend) so I was using their big computer to work on my website when I got a message on my Facebook page asking about pictures.

It was from the lovely Patricia asking if I had availability for pictures in the next couple days. I responded and we set up a shoot for last night at their gorgeous home, a restored 1850’s farmhouse. We were blessed with beautiful lighting and nice weather out in Ivy.


Spence and Patricia are looking to adopt a baby. They are making a little booklet to give out to agencies so they can be picked as adoptive parents! The competition is tough so their pictures need to stand out in the crowd. I did my best to use the beautiful light and their gorgeous property to their advantage.

IMG_2693     IMG_2886 IMG_2926

I wish this couple the best and I look forward to photographing their family in the future!


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